2nd SSOC Rehearsal 16/17 Season

We met, after a week off, at the SSO offices on 20th Street.  We began with the Handel, working through all of the parts in some detail – we had worked through the Bach in detail last time.  We were asked to bring our Messiah scores as well but did not get round to the work this time.


Not too difficult – what is it they say about music? Oh yeah, it’s the stuff between the notes that make music.  The nuance and passion for the piece at the time the concert is presented.

So the first movement Let Thy Hand be Strengthened is pretty straightforward and in typical Handel fashion, relatively easy to sing – except for the bits that aren’t, particularly when you are just moving around on an ah sound.  Let Justice and Judgement is a slow and pretty piece, not too much to cause any issues – but again doing it well will be the trick won’t it.  Then we come to the Allelujah – with a bunch of movement on the ah of allelujah, (after the comma – which has caused some confusion amongst the bases – just with the question of what vowel do we use)?

Then we worked through parts of the Bach – Wachet Auf – there is an allelujah in that one also with complications and different emphasis on syllables you may not be used to.

We then had a quick break and formed up in concert formation to try the pieces in quartets.  A little oversinging is good for your throat – right?  Anyway – next week we will have Eric in the room – should be interesting.





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