8th Rehearsal SCS 16/17 Season

8th Rehearsal SCS 16/17 Season

Slightly warmer than the week before, we would be tackling the 3 hardest works of our first concert of the season, Rememberance Day.

Lay a Garland – the signature piece on the program – written by Robert Pearsall in the 1800s, lots of moving parts between the sections at times. Beautiful when it comes together.  James wanted us to ensure we did not start too loud – lots of nuance throughout passing the baton from section to section.  We have to work a little harder on paying attention to other sections entrances.

Take him, Earth, for cherishing – Howells – done for the JFK memorial service about a year after his death, strangely moving -both in notation as well as how it makes you feel; challenging and different really have to count and then there are the places where you have to start with a note out of nowhere.

Cantate de la Paix – composed in 1942 by a French National – Darius Milhaud after he made it to the US.  Also beautiful, haunting, challenging – have to count for this one too.

Each of these pieces have sections that look hard, but are relatively easy – but also have sections which look easy but are actually quite hard to get right – due to tuning, etc.

Should be a good concert – you should come.





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