5th SSOC Rehearsal 16/17 Season

Here we are at Knox United Church in beautiful downtown Saskatoon.  The orchestra is set up and ready, the children’s choir has vacated the building, the choir is now in the pews watching and listening to the parts of the program we are not singing in.  We have already sung the Handel – Let Thy Hands. We ran through the parts about two times each, just putting more polish on the piece.  It sounds different in Knox.  With the choir on the stairs in a compact group it sounds, within the choir, more secure.  I like this staging as during Messiah last year it felt like we were adrift on the wings of the orchestra – more like a soloist.

 SSO photo from twitter.
Anyway, we are now in the middle of the concert with just the Bach to go, for us.  That will come shortly.  The orchestra is being put through their paces by Eric.  Sounds cool, the piece they are currently playing.  Now they have moved onto the Bach piece they are doing sans choir.  I hope we are an appreciative audience!!  This is the A minor Violin concerto that Julia is featured in and she is very expressive in her playing.. https://twitter.com/ssoyxe/status/791835270823878656

SSO  photo from Twitter.

We rejoined the orchestra for the Bach, including some movement to and from the choir stalls. We need to enunciate more, almost to the exagerated amount.


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