The Concert – SSO Chorus Oct 28, 2016

Well, Friday arrived and we sang – nuff said???

Let me expand a little bit – I took Friday off, my wife had left for Edmonton – our son also had a concert on Friday with the University of Alberta Madrigal Singers and we both felt she should support him – and check on the other house and bring cookies to him and his brother and generally do the mom thing to the two boys…. So, there I am alone in a house with the dog and the budgie just chillin until the concert.  Took the dog walking – the budgie stays at home and parties with Radio 2 – did all the mundane things and waited till it was time to head for the concert.

Went to Knox and started the pre concert waiting – found a good parking spot first.  Water, small talk, loaned the spare bow tie to one of the other male singers – there is always one!!!

Warm up, on full throttle, with Eric.  More consonants please – people need to hear the words.  Confirm the order of the concert – Handel – then we sit down, the Morlock, the Bach Violin Concerto, intermission and then the Bach Cantata.

Then it was up the stairs and onto the other stairs.  Handel here we come.  Mostly OK, watch the conductor as you sing – try to ensure the words are enunciated and that you have the right volume – and we’re done.  One of Handel’s Coronation Anthems done! Wow that was quick.

Next up we move to pews to listen to the remainder of the first half.  Morlock’s violin piece in the style of baroque – very cool.  Then Bach’s violin Concerto, where Julia was able to strut her stuff .  Very Well done –

Then we had the intermission followed by the JS Bach Cantata BWV 140 “Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme”.  It was very magical, what a great space to sing it in and the Chorale at the end was just wonderful.

Had the chance to meet up with Eric’s father Paul, we are both Richard Eaton Singers Alum – good talk.


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