10th Rehearsal SCS 16/17 Season

James had asked us to get together prior to the next rehearsal so we could work on section related notes, passages and stuff.  Had a good part of the bass section over on Sunday night past, doing what James asked.

They all had to meet the dog – who goes a little crazy when people come over – so that being done the leader of the sectional was established as well as the person who would plunk tunes out on the piano.  Then we went through the particular parts of songs that were giving us trouble.  2 hours later we went on our ways happier, I think, that we had worked on areas we needed to.

Tuesday we sang with James and had our Saxophone soloist Sheldon Corbett present.  Nice playing Sheldon!!!

We ran through the program, some rough spots as we had not run through some of those pieces for a while – focusing on the three more difficult pieces.  I think we are hitting our stride for this concert and it should all come together as it should.

You should come!!


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