November 11 Concerts

The morning starts with getting dressed, putting medals into my tux for later, making sure I have medals on my jacket, ensuring I had a poppy on my lapel.  All in order I headed off to pick up my Father In Law and off we went to the Saskatoon Club for Breakfast with the Ancient Roaring Raucous Order of Armisticians.  This year the speaker was the first female vice Admiral in the Canadian Navy – Vice Admiral Bennett.

Breakfast done we headed out to the charter bus and most made their way to Sask Place for the ceremony.  I drove as I would have to skedaddle right after the ceremony to get ready for the concert.  This year was much the same as last year with the exception that my wife was playing with the North Saskatchewan Regiment Pipes and Drums.  Always fun to watch the little Navy League cadets march on and off!

Following the ceremony I headed straight to Knox to prepare for the concert.  Getting there by call time was tight but doable.. James called us all together and we started to get ready for the concert, running over a couple of those pieces that needed a few more minutes.

We broke before the concert for a few minutes and then it was show time.  Walking into a rather large house was very exciting – the typical issues as a choir goes up the stairs is one of those things that I am sure no choir does smoothly….

On the risers for the concert we started through the first half:

  • Lay a Garland by Robert Lucas de Pearsall
  • Then a reading from a German War Primer by Bertolt Brecht
  • Cantate de la Paix by Darius Mihaud
  • Litany by Jeff Enns
  • Then reading of the Eulogy to JFK by Mike Mansfield
  • Take Him, Earth, For Cherishing by Herbert Howells
  • Reading of A Syrian Family’s Loss Became My Blessing by Mary Wadden
  • Lullaby by Ryan Murphy
  • Intermission

The second half:

  • Even In Our Sleep by David MacIntyre
  • Reading Excerpt from the Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George
  • The Act of Remembrance
    • For the Fallen by Eleanor Daley
    • Last Post
    • Moment of Silence
    • Reveille
    • O Canada by Diane Loomer
  • In Flanders Fields by David MacIntyre
  • Reading from Speaking: The Hero by Felix Pollak
  • And the Poppies Grow by Donna Forward Hourlet
  • Reading Excerpt from the Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George
  • In Paradisum by Timoth Corlis
  • The Day is Done by Stephen Paulus

Great concert followed by some photo’s for the choir.  Then over to a work related media scrum – in my tux.  Then home, stopping for a couple of slices of pizza before letting the dog out.

Heading back, just waiting a few minutes for that piper to arrive and do a quick change, then into the car and off to Knox once again.

Run the concert again to a smaller but no less appreciative audience.

Then off to McGavins – no I mean Earls for a post concert drink.

Next Tuesday we start getting ready for our concert on December 11.



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