3rd Messiah Rehearsal 16/17 Season

This afternoon we again met at the SSOC offices for our Messiah rehearsal.  Eric was in attendance and turned the podium over to Duff to start the rehearsal.  Duff decided to start the rehearsal with For Unto Us A Child is Born in honour of his new baby grandson.  He said that the event gave him a new view on how to look at the piece.  We all need new ways to renew our view of the piece, especially if we do it year after year.  Having a new conductor is an awesome way but simply looking at it another way is also pretty cool.

Eric then took over and started putting us through our paces starting at the top and working all the way down to the end:

  • And the glory of the lord
  • And he shall purify
  • We skipped For unto us a child is born
  • Glory to God
  • His yoke is easy, and his burthen is light
  • Behold the Lamb of God
  • Surely he hath borne our griefs
  • And with his stripes we are healed
  • All we like sheep have gone astray
  • He trusted in God
  • Let us break their bonds asunder
  • Since by man came death
  • Worthy is the lamb that was slain
  • Hallelujah

Eric was commenting on our ability to start moving to a more nuanced feeling within the structure of the piece.  He mentioned how Julia Wedman was able to work within the notes and still stay in the Baroque style  when playing her pieces during our last concert.  He wanted us to do the same for Messiah and started getting us to move that way.  A little bit of playfulness, within the notes, but way more diction is what he is looking for.

I think that we were getting there at the end of the rehearsal this afternoon.  It was, a pretty nifty rehearsal.


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