Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Grinch?

So what happens when you receive an email that basically asks if you want to be one of the who’s in whoville?  You respond yes of course!

We started after one of the Messiah rehearsals and spent a few minutes going through the notes and getting the paper copies of the score.  There was a lot of thinking, that’s not how I remember the music on the show???  Funny when you realize that the NY Philharmonic was the only other orchestra that played this live.

So, another quick rehearsal Friday night where we started with one choir formation and then shifted to a better one prior to the end of the rehearsal and a decision was made to mike the choir.

Saturday we met again in the afternoon for another rehearsal, where we worked through the pieces a couple more times and then took some time off till we had to return for the show.  We arrived in time to watch the first half of the show – Gary Gable was singing a number of pieces and snoopy showed up on the backdrop, courtesy of one of the lighting designers.

On to the stage for the “Grinch” with Gary the Grinch Gable reading in his PJs from a comfy chair – good job!

Fun times for all…  See below behind the Basses – some who’s from whoville on stage!!!


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