5th Messiah Rehearsal (Dress) 16/17 Season

Tonight we are in Knox United Church for the dress rehearsal with all of the parts for the next two concerts – the official concert and the sing along concert. Today we were greeted to the following tweets

and this one

We all arrived and were seated, for me this time was the first I was basically in the middle of the choir – for any of the concerts I have done at Knox.  It was fairly cool, but I still find that it is hard to hear those around me.  I thought that was a factor from standing on the wings last year – but I really think it is the close proximity to the orchestra and standing in quartets.  When I sang Messiah with RES at the Winspear the orchestra was fairly far away from the choir and we sang in sections, this time I am basically holding my music over the head of the Mezzo Soprano when she is seated. Kind of cool and you can hear every note they sing.  Actually, very cool!!

As you can see I was a bit busy when not singing last night.


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