Messiah – part the Sing Along Concert

After a right cracking evening concert singing along with a Baroque style orchestra what else would the erstwhile chorister be doing but singing another concert – this time with audience members who are singing along to the choruses. Fabulous!

Here are a couple of the tweets for the sing along.

Holiday shopping got you down? Feeling the stress of finals? Let our musicians soothe you! 2pm Knox united. Tickets at door!
2016-12-10, 11:30 AM
Bonus: you can add an extra level of de-stressing by singing along with our chorus! #yxe #ssomessiah…
2016-12-10, 11:30 AM

Well it wasn’t as large a crowd as last night but quite a few willing participants and the conducting chore was taken by both Duff and Eric. As can be seen from this tweet.

#ssomessiah getting ready for our warmup today. See our chorus master and conductor comparing notes?
2016-12-10, 1:35 PM

We started in the usual way and the one funny thing happened Duff qued the audience and choir to stand just before one of the tenor solo’s. he was a little embarrassed. That being said it was pretty much the same as last night, just a little less energy without such a big house.

Danika Loren added some ornamentation to a couple of her pieces and again watch for her I think she will be going far.   In fact I think all the soloists added a little ornamentation to their parts from last night and they sang along for most of it as well – great job…



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