Mozart Coronation Mass – Rehearsal March 4, 2017

With that opening I don’t have to say any more – or do I?

On this weekend when I had a three hour dress rehearsal on Friday night – a two hour and a half hour rehearsal today, looking at two hours of rehearsal and singing at church in the morning followed by 2, count em 2 concerts tomorrow I will try to conserve some characters.

Received the latest invitation to sing with the SSO Chorus on Monday after having the chance to see the SSO on stage doing their wonderful concert of Sibelius 5 the Friday before.

A great night on stage with the amazing musicians of the SSO.

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We began at the usual spot – although not all of us were there at the same time.  Due to some communications issues our fearless leader started in the wrong rehearsal hall this morning.  Once we all got together though it was simple enough to get a good start on this not often played piece by Mozart.  The Coronation Mass K 317 – not expressly written for any particular coronation but…

We managed to get a good look at it and are well on our way to hammering notes and such at home ready for the concert at the end of the month…


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