Dress Rehearsal UK Calling Concert

Dress Rehearsal UK Calling Concert

This afternoon I get to take part in the dress rehearsal for a concert this evening. This will be the last concert of the season for the Richard Eaton Singers, and guests. I am one of the guests, a former member of the choir who relocated to Saskatoon two years ago. This concert is also the last concert before the choir goes on its tour to the UK, hence the title.

The concert is at All Saints Cathedral this time, instead of the Winspear Centre, which used to be the main location for this choir. We have about 28 pieces of music, some of which may not be sung this evening, because Len wanted some alternate pieces for the tour.  The songs are in English, German, Latin, Latvian, Russian and French.  We had to piece together the risers, borrowed from Pro Coro, as well as a number of the Cathedrals as there would be around 120 ish singers.

@lratzlaf conducting during dress rehearsal for our concert at 1930 tonight @ All Saints. #yegarts @RES_YEG if you don’t have other plans pic.twitter.com/7NtfaANVtG
Jun 10, 2017, 3:16 PM

We went through the program in good order and made our way back to our homes in order to prepare for the concert.


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