UK Calling, the concert

UK Calling, the concert

Well, what a night.  Park in the parking lot, walk into the hall and get ready to sing what’s missing – a warm up – why because we were still pretty warmed up from just before supper hour with the rehearsal. For a guy that normally sings two concerts on the same day, nothing wrong with that!!!

We all were ready on time and moved onto the risers – no formal walk on or off as the steps were a little precarious – No one yell fire!!!

Anyway we were all in our seats when President Lynn stood to provide her opening remarks – I think this was her last concert as President.  Then we welcomed Len to the podium and were on our way into the first half.  One or two of our planned pieces were left off the program as it was going to be too long.  It sounded pretty good, or so I am told by someone who was in the audience.

Four Strong Winds. RES will be spreading Canadian cheer across the UK in July!

We came, we sang, we ate and we took down all the apparatus the choir is standing on – all in a good nights work!

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