Day 2

Day 2

Since we arrive at a little after 6 AM there is no point trying to go to the hotel, so we may as well be met at the airport by our “Couriers” and start off on the touristic part of this voyage – although when we did this in Munich a bunch of people just slept instead of taking photos and the like.

Well, an addition.  We landed and breezed thru customs only to find that Margot’s suitcase had not made it here from Toronto.  At least we do know where it is!!  When we made it into the main terminal we did not see any of the other people on the tour – I was almost into the touchscreen phone when Jochen, happily, came and took me to the bus.  Then we moved around the city of Edinburgh, sometimes in circles as the way we wanted to go to point A and B we couldn’t do.

Then a bit of a driving tour around the city – past the palace with the fountain that was spraying water – apparently it only does that when the Queen is in the house. Past the houses or locations that Robert Louis Stevenson and Arthur Conan Doyle were born.  A very literary city!  Moving onto the the Royal Park in the centre of the city with Arthur’s seat and a stop for some photos. Found out about the father of modern geology who figured out geology because of this park.

There used to be 40 breweries here but there is only 1 left Heineken.  All founded by Monks because you could not trust the water back then.

Walking thru the National Gallery of Scotland; Cezane, Degas, Van Gogh, Constable, Reubens the Netherlandish school among other things. My son is thinking of walking up the Walter Scott memorial but when push came to shove, after the side trip to Marks and Sparks he declined – tomorrow.  Lastly, a little taste of the Royal Mile which ended off at a scotch shop where we spied a bottle with McDonald on the label from Ben Nevis.  60 Pounds for the bottle, I think we will do a wee bit o research and find out what the deal is on Ben Nevis Scotch.

So, land, bags, customs, trek through the airport in search of our hosts, find out who is on which bus, hopefully there is room for all of us – including us additional folks who made our own plane reservations.  Sounds like we will be heading to the Roxburghe Hotel in central Edinburgh to let us get out on our feet, maybe find some real breakfast and do the walk of the Royal Mile and other environs before we finally lay our heads down.  I expect that our bags will be kept on the bus, so we should be relatively unencumbered for some touristic duties.  Maybe we will hit the Edinburgh Woolen Mills where we had the family portrait taken over 10 years ago – the boys were so cute back then with their Claymores!!

Off to the Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club

Dinner as a group in about 20 minutes, then to bed…


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