Day 5

Day 5

Today we bid fair Dalmahoy and Edinburgh a fond farewell as we journey south into the land beyond the wall.  Hadrians Wall, which we will stop at for lunch on our way to Newcastle for the next few days. David, our courier, kept up a running commentary while we made our way over the Weak Bridges and windy narrow roads to and from the main carriageway to Newcastle.

  The wall was something to see, very interesting we had 2 hours to tour it and most of us made it back to the bus only a couple minutes late. I am sure we will be hearing about it later.

David also gave us some good background information about the twin cities of Newcastle and Gateshead – Sting was born here, this is the site of another High Level Bridge, the first incandescent street light was put up here…

Check into the Jurys Inn and go find some dinner.

Some sad news from a colleague in Edmonton that one of the Inspectors – lately Superintendent I knew had just passed away.

For dinner we had Italian. Then a walk around Newcastle, seeing the sites:


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