Take Off D-eh -1

Take Off D-eh -1

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How is that for a Canadian entry into the travel blog?  It is almost 4 years from the last time we did something like this – you may recognize the photo above from the blog that started this off last time.

This time my wife and I get to leave from Saskatoon instead of Edmonton because that is where we live now.  Had to get special dispensation from the choir to go with them – but we added another low bass to the group and of course – how can you resist a low bass.  Anyway – a little bit of drama trying to get all of the flights to line up and also help said low bass pack from more than 500 KM away (he being in Edmonton now Saskatoon). Also try to ensure that he gets a ride to the airport from a baritone/tenor whom he lives with. Then we kind of need to do a bit of a map recce of the airport in Toronto as we only have 1 hour and 35 minutes between flights.  Thankfully, if things work the way they have before we may be fortunate in where the gates are and not have too far to trot.

This time we will be meeting up with the group and flying with them on the main flight from Toronto to Edinburgh, last time we arrived in Munich after the group and took the train into town and then the tram to the hotel.  So we are all checked in, rides sorted (our distance to the airport is about 200M to the gate surrounding it, but about 8 minutes by car).  Just need to finish packing, finalize where the bird will stay, prep the dog for her boarding location, get haircuts and all that other last minute stuff – and don’t forget the passports….

For those of you already in Dalmahoy – have another dram on me.




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