Take Off D-eh!

Departing Toronto Pearson
Departing Toronto Pearson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Well, this post is meant to be sent while we are at the airport so that any interested party can read it while we are in the sky.  Unfortunately, the flight out of Edmonton is delayed by 45 minutes.  Since there are a lot of connecting passengers for the tour around 49 people. I don’t think they will have a problem holding the next flight for them if required.  They will still have an hour to get from one gate to the next.

Well, the trek between the landing gate on pier D to the international take off gate at pier E was a bit of a journey.  Rather than get turned around and having to back track we flagged down a local Toronto airport employee and asked if the direction we were going to head in was the correct one to get to Gate E.  She, fortunately for us, was driving one of those golf carty things and said she would take us there.  Nice ride and saved us about 10 minutes.

Got to the gate after passing the mass crowds, I think that was a flight for Barcelona, and arrived at gate E81.  The room was full and the lineup to Tim Hortons was long, we weren’t going for coffee anyway.  By the time we arrived at E 81 the Edmonton flight had landed and we had text interaction with our son – he was in Toronto!  They started boarding the flight to Edinburgh while we were waiting and within 10 minutes had gone from the pre-boards to all 5 zones being called to get on the plane.  Bout the time Margot was finishing up in the bathroom (should I start calling it the Loo again now?) we got in the line up meeting a few other of the Singers.  When we started to advance a little we saw our boy and waived him over getting quickly through the line and onto the bird.  Air Canada Rouge.

Uneventful flight, which suits me right down to my socks.

It is time to get off the couch and onto the plane to the land of blancmange, well of course that is according to Monty Python who hails from there. Only this time we are a bit closer to the final destination.  Yes, we are off to sip whiskey at some fine distillers and check out the price of plaid in Scotland.  This will be followed by some rousing choruses of famous and not so famous choral works from Canada, and around the world.

The Richard Eaton Singers are once again making a foray into the European environs to investigate the acoustics of churches and concert halls around Scotland and England.  When we arrive we will be staying at the Dalmahoy Hotel and Country Club,

Dalmahoy - geograph.org.uk - 42706.jpg
Entrance front of Dalmahoy House Wikipedia

followed by time at the Jury’s Inns Newcastle/Gateshead,

photo from booking.com

the Holiday Inn York,

York Home
Hotel Web Site.

either the Holiday Inn

Hotel web site.

or the Ramada Kenilworth

Image result for ramada kenilworth
Hotel website

followed by another Jury’s Inn this time in Oxford.

Image result for jury's inn oxford

For my family slice we will also spend some time with our former neighbours in the Cotswolds afterward.

Image result for cotswolds
Castle Combe, a typical Cotswolds village made with Cotswold stone, Wikipedia.

Our Concerts will be at:

St Giles Cathedral - 01.jpg

St Giles, west façade, (Wikipedia)

6PM Sunday 9 July 2017Ushaw college.jpg

St. Cuthbert’s College, Ushaw, Durham (Wikipedia)

730PM Tuesday 11 July 2017

Ripon Cathedral Exterior, Nth Yorkshire, UK - Diliff.jpg
Ripon Cathedral West End (Wikipedia

Informal Recital 1PM Wednesday 12 July 17


St Peter’s Church, Harrogate (Wikipedia)

730PM Thursday 13 July 2017
All Saints' Church Leamington Spa, from the churchyard 2012.jpg
All Saints’ Parish Church, Leamington Spa (Wikipedia)
730PM Saturday 15 July 2017 and finally
Christ Church Cathedral
Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford (Wikipedia)
1PM Monday 17 July 2017
Stay tuned for more!

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