Day 3

Day 3

We had a great breakfast in the hotel, we shared our table with Len which was nice.  We arrived fashionably late, after talking to our son who had already eaten.  The sleep was worth it.  Breakfast was worthy of piling up on and making it last till later in the afternoon – which I did – Haggis was served – what did I expect.  Anyway we met at the appointed time to get on the bus and did just that.  Unfortunately my old friend ‘kick-out’ came to play with the following result.

As you can imagine we had to wait a bit while the damage was assessed.  New bus was ordered as many as could fit were sent to the other bus to get on the way and we waited till later.  We arrived around 1130 at the drop off spot and made our way straight to Edinburgh Castle, where we had made a reservation just prior to breakfast.  Good thing too as we didn’t have to wait behind a long line of folks going through the regular ticket seller.

In the castle we first went to the parapet near the one o’clock gun – went into the little display but were soon kicked out – 1230, so they could prep the gun…  So what did we do next – we went to the Scottish War Museum and spent a bunch of time there, followed by a quick trip to the Royal Scot Dragoon Guards museum, followed by a trip to the Royal Scots/The Royal Regiment of Scotland shared museum.  Then it was time for a coffee and then a trip to see the Crown Jewels of Scotland as well as checking out the St Margaret Chapel.

Mons Meg – George these photo’s are for you:


We decided that we had had enough castle at that point and made our way back to the main gate where we were enticed by this sign


The last time we were at the castle we had our photo taken there.  This time we were planning on doing that but ended up just buying sporrans ruche ties and a kilt for Liam (the inexpensive kind).  This experience was followed up with a great plate of fish and chips at the Albanach pub along the royal mile.  The last thing we did prior to heading to the bus was investigating that scotch shop and picking this up.


Oh, the best thing of the day – when we got back to the hotel there in the room was the missing suitcase.  YAYYYYYY!!!


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