Day 4

Day 4

Notice anything different about today’s post compared to the other ones in this series, less D-eh 1?

Today we breakfast with our crew and then are on our own for the morning with the first bus leaving at 10 and the next bus leaving at 1400.  Those who wish to explore can go early but they have to take all of their equipment for the concert – clothes, music, etc.

Those who wish to golf can do that but if they can get an early enough Tee time they have to remember to be done before the 1400 bus leaves.  Rehearsal starts at 1500 and we will rehearse for at least 2 hours – ish.  Then we will have a bit of time to change into concert dress and perform.  We will then have to change back and arrange for our dinners before heading back to the hotel.  Here is the venue we will be singing in on the Sunday evening.

St Giles, west façade – wikipedia
That was the plan, here is what really happened.  Most people still went for breakfast prior to 1000, the bus left and at around 1030 there was a fire alarm – so you couldn’t blame it on those who went into the city.  Anyway the alarm caught people in various states of dress, one of our choristers was just in the middle of getting out of her clothes and into her swimsuit when off it went – she ended up in a bathrobe for the duration.  All exiting the building, no one saw smoke but it was only a few minutes before the local fire brigade showed up and checked out the hotel.  All clear was sounded around 1100 and we were back to do what people were doing.

One of the people I met during the fire alarm was my son – whom I had thought went with his mother into town – I guess not.

Back to the room, run through the music at least once and then notice it had started to rain and Margot without her hat, jacked, maybe she took the umbrella…

When we got to the bus there was a lovely wedding party going to the church. The car used to transport the Bride was a Tesla. Hey, last tour there was a bride and groom when we were in Leipzig. 

This was what the choir had to look at during our rehearsal. 

This is what we were sitting in front of. 

The rehearsal was quick and Len was running us through our paces with an ear for the acoustics of the Church. 

Some more shots of the church. 

We changes into concert dress and waited for the concert to begin. The church has outstanding acoustics!

At 6 PM just after the chimes finished we began our 55 minute program. Some high points and some places we need to work on things. Some were better in rehearsal. All that being said we had fun and the audience was appreciative. 

Now off to the pub!  Tomorrow we leave Edinburgh for Hadrians wall and Newcastle. 


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