Day 6

Day 6

After a night in the Jurys Inn we had a late breakfast, due to the scheduling of groups in the hotel.  A little discombobulated particularly with the coffee cups but we made it thru #firstworldproblem.

On the bus for our excursion which includes a Durham Cathedral visit. Then we will head for our concert in St Cuthberts Chapel at Ushaw College Durham.

Ushaw college.jpg

St. Cuthbert’s College, Ushaw, Durham (Wikipedia)

At 730PM Tuesday 11 July 2017

We pass the Angel of the North along the way.  

Disappointing photo from the quick pass by on the bus but you get the idea. 

Then a little commentary about the artist and some of his other pieces. Then David gave us information about Durham and the Cathedral, St Cuthbert and the book of Kells, the six monks carrying the casket 

and the milkmaid tlooking for he dun cow which led to the founding/choice of where to establish the Cathedral. Followed by a short treatise on the Prince Bishops, a little about Earl Grey and then some description of the architecture of the Cathedral.

We arrived in the carpark, walked up some hills and went to the Market hall (photo).Then headed up to the Cathedral. On the way we stopped at a Pandora to pick up a charm. Our clerk was Dawn who we found lived in Cirencester. Fun.

Following that we went on a hunt for a drawing to frame as we do. Found one in the  palace library gift shop before we entered the Cathedral. 

Also stopped in to see the legoized history of the Cathedral construction and such and had a look at the DLI exhibit. 

We then entered the Cathedral for our two hour time slot and then stopped in ‘the coffee house’ for a scone on the way back to the bus. 

Onto St Cuthbert’s chapel at Ushaw College for our rehearsal and concert. Nice location and beautiful space to sing in, although we are side on to Len.

Ran thru most pieces. No piano so Leanne can sing with us tonight. Wonderful supper now onto the show in a refectory reminiscent of Harry Potter. 

Great first half. On to the next. Just as good. Now to Newcastle and bed after taking a shot of the lit millennium bridge. 


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