Day 7

Day 7

Today we try a different schema for breakfast. Let’s see if this is better than our experience yesterday (still #firstworldproblem). It was slightly!

Regardless, we are off to Ripon for an informal concert at the Cathedral. That is why we are all being told to wear our red or white shirts, more importantly they are for the photo op afterwards.

When the side trip to Ripon is over we continue on to York and maybe a little ghost tour??

A little stop at the Angel of the North for close up photos and then the journey to Ripon. Stopped at a gallery shop to see if they had any line drawings of the Cathedral, alas no but he quickly gave up a post card from the 30’s and then we bought a jar of spring honey.

Onward into the market square and an arcade, after a quick ice cream. Then more wondering.

We had the chance to wander around the river for a bit.

Finding time close we went to the Cathedral to see the space we would be singing in.

Our concert done and well received by those in attendance we went out front for a photo and then made our way back to the buses and York. Hit the hotel and then try and get back to the šŸšŒ to attend choral evensong.


Choral evensong was amazing. Ā That night there were the regular daily choristers and the girl choristers, it was very nice watching and listening – two of the girls were hardly above the stocks they were standing in. Ā Memories!!!!


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