Day 8

Day 8

We will find out if the breakfast challenge has been solved today. It was close yesterday and with 93 of us in one hotel that can cause issues and we were only one of the groups in. Still #firstworldproblem. 

Well the Holiday Inn pretty much nailed it this morning. They did have a wee time staying up with stock on some of the items, but that was fine. 

Today we board the coaches with all our gear and head into the centre of York to have a guided tour of the Minster followed by a walking tour of the city centre. Then we will board our coaches once more and head to Harrogate for a concert in St Peters Church.

Here is what happened:

Great tour if both the Minster and the Towne Centre of York. Had a chance to sing a verse from Nobody Knows in the Chapterhouse under this roof. 

Good look at the Undercroft of the Minster with its 50 year old reparations to keep the main tower of the Minster from crumbling in on itself. 

Harrogate, the spa towne, has been known as the happiest place in the UK, as listed by a poll that has been going on since 2013. We are singing in St Peters Church. We arrived and walked around a bit. Sat in a park and had a bit of lunch under this conker tree and Liam regailed us with really corny one liners. On the way to rehearsal we passed a frame in the park. 

Then we settled into St Peters to rehearse with the music director who was excellent on the organ, John Longstaff. 

We are singing for an hour then back onto the 🚌 to head for dinner and then the Crown Hotel for a nice supper to tround out the day.  Then back to the holiday inn for bed. 


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