Day 10

Day 10

Another relatively late start to the day. Off to visit the home of the bard, Stratford Upon Avon and Shakespeare’s birthplace. Also a concert in Leamington Spa.

Breakfast wars. So far so good. With only half the tour they seem to be holding their own. The oven fresh croissants sealed the deal for me. Mmmmmm!

Now off on a 🚌 tour if Stratford Upon Avon. Good thing it’s a 🚌 tour as it is raining pretty heavily at the moment.  We even had everyone on the 🚌 and numbered before our time to leave. Woo hoo!

Our local guide for Stratford is our courier David.

Narrow boats in the canal. 
Mary Arden’s house on featherbed lane.

Once thought to be Shakespeare’s grandmother’s house up until 2000 when real information was found. This was actually Palmer’s farm and not the location of Anne Arden’s house – although Shakespear would have walked by this one.

Anne Hathaway’s house.

We passed by a bunch of other sights until we were released from the coach at the coach park in Stratford and told where to meet and wait to get into Shakespeare’s birth house. We wandered a bit, then did as we were told and arrived in time to go through the short video and then the garden, house, garden again, actors doing on demand Shakespeare and finally the dreaded gift shop…

Made it through that and we hooked up with Liam and Christine and went for a tea – I had the scones with clotted cream, butter and jam. It was really nice. We then walked around town, helped a retiree on a narrow boat get through the lock,


walked into various charity shops, managing to make it back in time to get to the bus in time to be driven to Royal Leamington Spa for our rehearsal and concert.

We had a very appreciative audience, then it was back on the coaches and off to the hotel.




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