Day 11

Day 11

Well, breakfast battles done and we are now loading the 🚌 off to Oxford with a guided sightseeing tour on arrival. Then we are on our own until check in.

Lots of good sites on the tour, here are a couple:


We had lunch at the Lamb and Flag and Liam had lunch at the Eagle and Child two of the locations that JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis and their group the Inklings.  There is a photo below of what we had for lunch a simple plowman’s lunch but boy was it tasty.  We visited the Eagle and Child and while in there saw the photo on the wall for the Dr Who Actor Nicholas Courtney who played the Brigadier.  Cool…

We then retraced our steps, with a couple of deviations, back to the location the bus would pick us up.  Went back to the hotel and contacted our former neighbours for the next phase of our visit to the UK and the next thing to do was go to town – which my wife and son did, while I stayed at the hotel; worked on blogs and read.


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