Day 12 the Penultimate Day

Day 12 the Penultimate Day

Well, third time round for this post, as it has been lost twice.  Anyway, breakfast was not an issue this morning, it was easily accomplished by the Jurys Inn here in Oxford.  We then tramped aboard our coaches for the last trip for a rehearsal/concert.  This time our concert will be at Christ Church Cathedral, in Christ Church College at 1 PM.


Back into the location for a rehearsal with a most accomplished organ player from Magdalene College, playing these pipes. He really did a fine job.


We then had a quick break to change clothes and allow for us to explore Christ Church College and the Cathedral, then the concert.  Here is a photo of the room that gave the producers the idea for the Dining Hall set for the Harry Potter movies.


We sang an hour of music and the audience was very appreciative and while nothing will compare to the Denkmal in Leipzig from our last tour – this was a fitting end to our choral wanderings.  Back to change, get a photo of the group and of the group plus hangers on then we dispersed until the final dinner in the MacDonald “Randolph” hotel.



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