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UK Calling, the concert

UK Calling, the concert

Well, what a night.  Park in the parking lot, walk into the hall and get ready to sing what's missing - a warm up - why because we were still pretty warmed up from just before supper hour with the rehearsal. For a guy that normally sings two concerts on the same day, nothing wrong … Continue reading UK Calling, the concert


Mozart Coronation Mass – Rehearsal March 4, 2017 With that opening I don't have to say any more - or do I? On this weekend when I had a three hour dress rehearsal on Friday night - a two hour and a half hour rehearsal today, looking at two hours of rehearsal and singing at church in the morning followed by 2, … Continue reading Mozart Coronation Mass – Rehearsal March 4, 2017

5th Messiah Rehearsal (Dress) 16/17 Season

Tonight we are in Knox United Church for the dress rehearsal with all of the parts for the next two concerts - the official concert and the sing along concert. Today we were greeted to the following tweets Friday night is SOLD OUT - tickets available for Saturday at — Saskatoon Symphony (@SSOyxe) … Continue reading 5th Messiah Rehearsal (Dress) 16/17 Season