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SSO Season 87 Concert 1

Last night my wife and I attended the first concert of the SSO's 87th Season. The highlight of the night has to have been James Ehnes and his violin but some strange things were going on. Standing in the reception area we had the chance to meet a number of friends, but I was looking … Continue reading SSO Season 87 Concert 1


The Concert – SSO Chorus Oct 28, 2016

Well, Friday arrived and we sang - nuff said??? Let me expand a little bit - I took Friday off, my wife had left for Edmonton - our son also had a concert on Friday with the University of Alberta Madrigal Singers and we both felt she should support him - and check on the … Continue reading The Concert – SSO Chorus Oct 28, 2016

5th SSOC Rehearsal 16/17 Season

Here we are at Knox United Church in beautiful downtown Saskatoon.  The orchestra is set up and ready, the children's choir has vacated the building, the choir is now in the pews watching and listening to the parts of the program we are not singing in.  We have already sung the Handel - Let Thy … Continue reading 5th SSOC Rehearsal 16/17 Season

3rd SSOC Rehearsal 16/17 Season

Saturday we had our first rehearsal of the year with Eric Paetkau. As per usual it was a very energetic rehearsal where most of the questions we had about the flow of the music and all those artist related questions were answered simply by going through the pieces with Eric conducting.  In other words it was … Continue reading 3rd SSOC Rehearsal 16/17 Season

1st SSOC Rehearsal 16/17 Season

1st SSOC Rehearsal 16/17 Season

So, auditions were last Thursday and lasted a grand total of 5 minutes - sing the begining section of And He Shall Purify from Handel's Messiah for Mark, Duff and Eric with our new accompanist Kelly.  Sang the part about three times - first time a flub and the next two went OK, well I … Continue reading 1st SSOC Rehearsal 16/17 Season